Absolute Musts for Beautiful Feet as Preparation for the Summer Season


It’s a funny thing about the summer – it sneaks up on you when you least expect it, and so, you are always unprepared when the summer rolls around! But as difficult as it first seems, it is not really that difficult to get your feet ready for the summer. Why should your feet be summer-ready, you ask? Because this is the season for outdoor BBQs, or summer weddings or walking barefoot in the park. For all of these activities, your feet must be in prime health and the skin must be soft and smooth. Take a look at our six tips for getting your feet ready for the summer, so you won’t be caught out this year!

Step 1: Take a foot bath

Start by pampering your feet – don’t reach out for foot care products, but first soak your tired feet in a relaxing foot soak for at least 10 minutes. The water temperature should not exceed 37°C.  Not only does the soak relax your feet, but it also helps the skin’s pores to open and get ready for further skin treatments.

Step 2: Keep your toenails trim and smooth

This is the absolute minimum that you should do in terms of caring for your feet. Once your toenails are clipped and filled, your feet start looking so much better. Clipped and filed toenails have a lower chance of attracting infectious bacteria and fungi, so the chances of skin conditions and pain are eliminated. But be sure to use the right nail clippers when cutting your toenails, and cut the nails straight. Do not cut into the corners of the nails, or you will get painful ingrowth! Instead, file the corners down to the shape and size that you want so that there is no cracking of the edges.

Step 3: Trim your cuticles

Not only your toenails, but your cuticles also need equal attention. Cuticles that are not pushed back or filed gently make the nails look bad. Once you have soaked your feet, gently push the cuticles back using a rounded cuticle pusher. Do not use any other implement to push back your cuticles, or the cuticle will break and you may end up infecting it.

Step 4: Gentle removal of your hard skin

Many people have hard skin on their feet, but the summer increases the chances of hard skin and cracked heels more than any other time of the year. You can ensure that you have silky soft feet all year by taking care of them always – this ensures that you don’t suffer from painful and unseemly cracked heels! Scholl has a range of products that help you break apart the layers of hard skin on the feet to reveal silky smoothness underneath. You can get really soft and smooth feet when you use the Scholl Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals. The device removes the layers of hard skin gently, so that the feet are buffed to velvety smoothness.

Step 5: Intensive and continuous care

Once you have removed the hard skin and buffed the feet, it is time to moisturize them. You can use a good foot cream – foot creams contain more hydrating ingredients than normal moisturizers do, and daily use can keep your feet silky soft always. The Scholl Velvet Smooth daily or night recovery creams give you soft and beautiful feet with regular use, and they are an important addition to your foot care routine. The creams work immediately on application so that your skin remains soft and supple, more hydrated and less prone to cracking on the heel area.

Step 6: Tan Right

Most people apply sunscreen lotion on their legs but stop at the ankles – if you’re wearing open footwear or flip flops, do slather sunscreen on your feet as well. It is easy to neglect the feet when it comes to sunscreen application, but this results in the feet getting exposed to harmful UV rays, sunburn and also getting tanned. Even if you want to get a uniform tan on your legs and feet, do not forget to apply sunscreen from thighs to toes.