Keeping your Feet Callus Free and Beautiful during summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year. The season brings with it great food, balmy breezes that invite you to the beach, plenty of great excuses to be out of doors and of course, go on long holidays. But the bad news is that it also brings along its fair share of foot and foot skin care challenges. Many people believe that the feet actually don’t require a lot of care, and certainly no extra attention – but this is wrong! Your feet need their fair share of daily care so that they look and feel great, especially in the summer, when the weather conditions increase skin dryness and over exposure to water causes skin infections.

Don’t Linger with Damp Feet

Damp feet create the perfect conditions for fungi and bacteria (that are already present on the skin in small numbers) to multiply rapidly and thrive. When the weather is warm and the feet begin to sweat, or if you wear your shoes too soon after bathing or paddling in the water, you end up creating a veritable Shangri-la for any skin infections that may be lurking. If you feel that your feet feeling damp, then try to dry them as soon as possible and changing your socks and shoes at once. At the least, let your feet air out before you wear your socks and shoes again.

Let your Feet Breathe

When the weather gets warm, it is important to wear comfortable footwear, and not shoes that are too tight or constricting. If your feet don’t get enough airflow, then they can start to sweat a great deal when the weather hots up. This can cause other skin problems as well, such as blisters and calluses. Opt for a lighter, open shoe like a sandal or an espadrille.


The warm, dry weather often dries out the skin and makes it look dull and scaly. The same happens to the skin on your feet. The dry skin can soon become hard and vulnerable to fissures and cracks. This can cause infections and even conditions such as cellulitis. So it is important to keep the feet nice and moisturized during the summer. Use Scholl Foot Care Dry Skin Recovery moisturizing cream for this purpose – it contains special ingredients and vitamins, such as hydramin and daymoist, to ensure that your feet feel and look smooth and moisturised for the entire day.

Look after your Feet!

This is the most important tip! It’s all too easy to neglect your feet and assume they’ll just be fine all year. But the truth is that just like the other parts of your body, your feet too need a little care and attention. Be on the alert for signs of skin dryness and hardness, as well as discolouration, bumps or anything else out of the ordinary. It might seem like no big deal, especially if it is painless, but it may turn in to a real problem later on. Watch out for any patches of hard skin and calluses by building daily foot care into your routine. It doesn’t take long to take care of your feet at all, and you can use a product such as the Scholl Foot Care Dual Action Foot File to remove hard skin patches and corns. Just a few simple steps can ensure that your feet look and feel beautiful, and that you can confidently flaunt them all summer long.