Moisturised Feet are Beautiful, Soft & Healthy looking Feet

Our feet are constantly exposed to the elements. You might put them inside winter boots, or inside strappy shoes for a night on the dance floor, or even cover them in running shoes when you go running in the morning. All these (and other) activities can dry out the skin on the feet, no matter your lifestyle The skin on your feet is more vulnerable to the effects of the environment, especially dry air, because it has fewer oil glands than the skin found on other parts of the body[1]. Luckily, it is not so difficult to treat dry skin on the feet. In fact, just a simple daily moisturizing routine could put you on your way to smooth, fresh feet that you can confidently show off!

The Importance of Moisture

When it comes to dry skin, the first thing to do is to keep the skin hydrated. You could drink a lot of water during the day, and use a good quality moisturiser on your feet. Intense hydrating foot creams are absorbed by the skin quite easily, and these help the skin lock in its own natural moisture in the the outermost layers. The cream also presents as  an extra barrier, protecting your skin from the elements.[2] Nourishing ingredients such as Vitamins A and E, found in Scholl’s Foot Care Dry Skin Recovery Cream, are great substances to treat dry skin.[3] These creams can be used regularly after a foot scrub, or just after getting out of the shower, so that the skin remains rehydrated and softer for longer. You could even leave the cream on overnight, so that you wake up to smooth, soft feet!

Scrub Away!

Dry skin on the feet is usually seen when there is an excess of dead skin on the surface of the feet. Before applying your moisturiser, give your feet the real spa treatment in the comfort of your home, using an exfoliator such as the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File to remove the excess dry skin. For the best results, apply your moisturiser immediately after scrubbing away the dead skin[4].

No more Hibernation

If you think that dry skin is a problem only when the feet are exposed, think again. While you may feel that your feet don’t need extra care during the winter months (because they are cozily wrapped up in socks and winter boots) you are still vulnerable to dry skin during this time. It is important to prevent dry skin during the winter, so that you are ready to show off your feet in sandals and flip flops when the summer rolls around. If you give your feet enough TLC during the winter, they will be more than ready for their first trip to the beach in summer.

Don’t Buff too Hard

While exfoliation is a great way to deal with dry skin, it is also important to not scrub your skin too hard. Any nicks and raw skin resulting from zealous scrubbing may take quite a while to heal, and might even cause an infection. It’s better to scrub lightly once a week, instead of going at it excessively in one go.

Keeping your Feet Dry after Care

This might seem like strange advice, especially when you already have dry skin, but keeping your skin away from damp conditions is very important to your skin’s health. It is certainly important to moisturise, but it is equally important to keep the feet away from perpetually moist conditions found inside damp socks and shoes.[5]

So you will find that you can stop worrying about the dry skin on your feet from now on. Introduce a simple moisturising routine to your day and follow the few practical tips outlined above, to keep your feet looking soft, healthy, and ready to be seen by the world.