Showing off! Selfeet with Scholl


Don't hide your pretty feet away. Whether you're off on holiday, or just heading to work, it's time to ditch those skinny jeans and boots and reach for a floaty skirt and some strappy shoes. Here is how you can get perfectly pedicured feet from the comfort of your own home!

It's all about the prep: Soft, beautiful feet make taking a good foot selfie much less daunting. You don't want any hard skin or less than perfect toes nails ruining that otherwise shot. The good news is, that you don't have to run off to the nearest salon for an expensive pedicure – you can get pretty feet at home!

You can get the same beautiful, smooth results at home as you would in the salon, by buffing those soles with Scholl Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals. It's a clever electrical device, with exfoliating micro-rollers, which you use on dry skin so your feet are ready for strappy shoes and running around on the beach.

Just gently roll the Express Pedi across the areas of the foot with excess buildup of hard skin, using light to medium pressure. Repeat regularly to prevent further buildup of hard skin. The results are just as impressive as a professional treatment in the salon.

Pamper time: Once you have got rid of any hard skin, give your feet some extra care. Treat tired, aching toes with a relaxing foot soak, especially with soaking products that contain green caviar, sea serum and vitamin E. These substances help to cleanse and soothe weary feet.

Just grab a bowl, combine the foot soaking liquid with warm water and sit back with a magazine! After five minutes, dry your feet thoroughly and then apply some moisturiser. If you’re looking to give your feet some extra attention, apply a serum that contains hyaluronic acid – it smoothens and hydrates dry skin fast. We recommend the Scholl Velvet Smooth Daily moisturizing cream.

Add some colour: Before you take any pictures of your feet, refresh the toenails with nail polish. You don't want any eagle-eyed Instagrammer commenting on your chipped pedicure! Remove any old nail polish and spend some time painting your toenails with three coats of paint to make your feet look ready for any kind of shot.

Coral lacquer always complements tanned glowing skin perfectly. Or you can apply a neutral shade of beige or shell pink if you want to make your legs and feet look longer and more luscious – the neutral shade gives the illusion of longer, slimmer toes.

Get ready for your close up: Now that you've prepped and preened your feet, it's time to get a close-up shot. Grab your phone and experiment with different angles to show your feet off to perfection.

The best foot selfies are taken from above, looking down at your feet. Or you could try lying down on a sun lounger and propping your legs up to get a flattering 'shot from below' effect. Experiment with filters, tones and lighting before you upload, so you’re ready to share your summer ready feet with everyone.