Spoil your Feet Beautiful


Getting a foot spa is one of life’s exquisite pleasures. The calming music, the ministrations of the podiatrist, the delicious fragrance of scented candles…but this snapshot of a five-star spa is not for everybody! All of us would like to spend our alone-time being treated like royalty, but not everyone’s budget can stretch to expensive spa treatments. Besides, not every person has the luxury of time either. But why pine for the five star experience when you can create it right inside your own home? That’s right – you can create a ‘spa’ in your home and spoil your feet! Take a look at these steps to give yourself an authentic spa experience in your own bathroom.

The Perfect “Spoil your Feet” Atmosphere

Start by preparing the room. It should look and feel like a spa, so light some scented candles, burn some incense, and switch on some soothing music. It might seem unnecessary to you, but creating the right environment is vital to feeling like you’re in a spa. You will be surprised at how your bathroom, with its low lighting, soothing scents and music can increase your enjoyment and relax your nerves.

Take a long soak

Take a long bubble bath to prepare yourself for what’s to follow. Soaking in your bathtub serves a dual purpose – it relaxes you and soothes away your stress, while preparing your skin for further treatments. The skin on your body and feet becomes soft and supple, so that dead skin can be easily sloughed off. You will find that it is easier to remove dry, hard skin when it is soaked and relaxed, and the removal will not cause you any discomfort at all since the body is less sensitive to pain when your stress level is reduced.[1]


Once you’ve set the atmosphere and become really relaxed, you can move on to the actual treatments for your skin. You can try many home-based treatments, such as body scrubs, face packs, depilatory creams and waxes. But you will be astonished to find that none of these are as relaxing as a foot treatment. The Velvet Smooth Range can cover your foot treatments, from pedicures to callus removal. Even foot ailments can be taken care of, and your feet will also end up looking and feeling great post the treatment.

Our feet absorb the most amount of pressure all day – they are the unsung heroes of the body, offering service whenever needed. So it is necessary to give them regular attention and making the time to give them care and soothing love. A pampering pedicure once a month will relax your feet and make them look beautiful!

Create your own home pedicure kit comprising all the essentials: nail clippers, files, cuticle pushers, dead skin scrapers, and of course, the Scholl Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals, with three different roller heads (Regular coarse: for normal hard skin, Extra Coarse: for very tough hard skin and Soft Touch: for the perfect and smooth finish). Take a look at Scholl’s Velvet Smooth range of products, which offer essential service to your feet to keep them in great health and looking gorgeous always.


[1] http://www.everydayhealth.com/pain-management/stress-and-pain.aspx