Tips for soft, beautiful feet

Summer time brings with it the promise of lesser clothing than usual, and the reappearance of open sandals and flip flops. But wearing open footwear is not recommended if our feet are not taken care of before summer rolls around. Our feet are often the most neglected parts of the body, and so, they often don’t look their best. They may have dry, hard skin with calluses, apart from developing fungus or becoming dry and flaky. It is important to give the feet regular care to help them look soft and beautiful at all times.

Regular pedicure

A pedicure is a must if you want beautiful, healthy feet that glow with health. Regular foot care and pedicure does not entail booking an expensive salon appointment always – you can easily give yourself a home pedicure in the privacy and comfort of your house.

Start your pedicure with the toenails. Remove the older nail polish and cut your toenails straight across. Use scissors to get the corners.

Now soak your feet in a basin of warm water, adding a relaxing foot soak and letting the foot skin become soft for about 10 minutes. This is good alone time for yourself.

Now take a foot file to remove the dead skin on the feet. The Scholl Electronic Foot File With Diamond Crystals is the best foot file, since it is easy and effortless to use. Simply switch it on and hold it over the harder areas of skin for a few seconds. The foot file buffs away the hardened skin and leaves the feet smooth. Dip your feet in the basin again and rinse off the feet using cold water. Use a bristle brush to remove all vestiges of dead skin and dirt from your toenails.

The next part is the best one – apply a thick moisturizing cream on the feet and give your feet, ankles and calves a good massage. This feels great and also improves blood circulation. Use Scholl Foot Care Dry Skin Recovery Cream to massage the feet and remove the dryness and restore hydration in the skin. It contains special hydrating agents to moisturize the feet throughout the day. Apart from during your pedicure, you can use this cream whenever you can, about twice a week or whenever you think your feet need a shot of moisture. It is absorbed within just 60 seconds of application and is non-greasy, so it is great for daily use.

To finish off, slip on a pair of light socks to keep the feet warm. The socks also let the moisturizer sink into the skin and work on restoring its hydration levels.

Your feet will now be soft and smooth. The best way to keep them like that is to give them a pedicure as often as you can.