Hard working feet: Insoles for Work Explained


Work insoles placed inside your shoes can help take the strain away from heel pain, and reduce the stress and excessive load from working on your feet all day. We might think that aching feet are a normal thing, especially after a long day at work spent on the feet. Keeping busy people in mind, Scholl GelActiv Insoles Work are designed specifically for working people with feet stressed to the maximum, to reduce that stress and carry more of the load, especially when standing for a long time. But how do they work?

How Work Insoles Work

Work insoles are layered gel inserts that are designed to fit inside your shoes. They can provide more cushioning between your feet and the ground, helping to absorb shocks, and comforting your feet as well as supporting them. To make sure they fit comfortably, follow the instructions on the pack before inserting inside the shoes. Make sure you have a good pair of scissors to size them down. When you put your shoe on, you’ll notice a big difference, as though you’re walking on air!

What are they for?

Many of us can spend a lot of our time on our feet working. Whether in construction, food service, or working in a hospital ward, your feet can feel the pressure of both walking, standing for periods of time, carrying heavy objects, or even sprinting. By making our shoes more comfortable with work insoles, our feet can feel real relief as they relieve pressure away the from sensitive areas of the feet. They also support the muscles and tendons that keep you upright. As much as 60% of our life is spent on our feet, more so if we’re working on them[1]! As such, treating them with a bit more care can help keep you going for a longer time, and help reduce injury too.

Reducing excessive pressure

Insoles also facilitate rolling movements of the feet, and provide elasticity that reduces excessive pressure, should you need to run for a while. Also, Scholl GelActiv technology is innovative, and comprises of two gels that effectively absorb shock and reduce the pressure felt on your feet: a firmer gel supports the arches of your feet and your heels, and a softer one to serves to allow optimum shock absorption. The Scholl insoles are also washable, but should be swapped for new ones every six months as a matter of good hygiene and to keep the feet well protected. In fact, buying two pairs of insoles and swapping them out daily will help keep them dry, and reduce odour that can build up from wearing the same pair.

Scholl Work Insoles

Scholl Work Insoles aren’t the only one in the range of Scholl’s GelActiv™ insoles, which in fact comes in three different varieties: Work, Every day and Sport. The gel layer insole can relieve feet long before they become tired, and absorb shock effectively, reducing the weight on the sole. Our work insoles are perfect for formal shoes, boots, and nearly everything in between that’s work-ready. Postmen and women, chefs, and repairmen, people in the service sector spending long hours on their feet will see a major improvement in the comfort of their feet, and will also enjoy the feeling of walking on clouds. There are three layers to the insole. A firm heel for strength, a harder gel which supports the arch of foot and the heel, and a softer gel that cushions and absorbs shocks.

What are you waiting for? Try work insoles today, from Scholl.


[1] From Scholl Brand Guidelines