An Express Pedi How to Guide

Regular foot care is important to prevent dry skin and calluses on the feet. It also helps you keep your feet healthy and beautiful for long. You can easily give yourself a pedicure at home with Scholl’s Pedi kit. It is one of the season’s must-buys, and there isn’t an easier or more effortless way to remove hard skin on the feet at home. It has an ergonomic shape and rollers in three different levels, so you can have smooth and beautiful feet in just a few easy steps.

Start your pedicure by cleaning your feet. Wash them in clean water and dry them thoroughly before you begin. Choose the required intensity on the roller head and insert it into the device as shown – the extra coarse roller head is used for callused and really thick skin, the regular coarse roller head for excess hard skin on the foot, and the soft touch roller head for a perfect, soft finish.

Get the device started by inserting four AA batteries in the battery slot and switch the device on. The roller will now start spinning – rest assured, it is very easy and safe to use. Move the roller slowly over the hard and dry areas of the skin and remove it from the feet. Do not push it against the skin too hard, though its in-built safety mechanism stops the roller from spinning too hard into the skin. Do not hold it over the same patch of skin for more than 10 seconds.

When you have ‘rolled’ away all the hard patches of skin, your feet will feel smoother and softer to the touch. Switch off the device and rinse your feet to remove any vestiges of dark skin. Now treat yourself to a soothing and relaxing foot soak – try the Scholl Velvet Smooth Foot Soak contains green caviar, sea serum and vitamin E for a relaxing and cleansing foot bath. Now complete the pedicure by applying a moisturizer cream or serum. It is the perfect accompaniment to the pedicure since it helps to maintain the moisture levels lost during the pedicure.

You can give yourself this easy clean up and pedicure whenever you find the time or when your feet feel like they need a special session – we recommend using a moisturizer cream specially designed for foot and nail softness. The cream penetrates the skin in 60 seconds, and it is a non-greasy formulation that you can use every morning. You can even give your feet essential care in the evening or the night, using the Scholl velvet smooth cream. It helps the skin lock in moisture as you sleep and protects the feet from drying out.

Finish by turning off the device. Make sure it is switched off before you push the button on the side to remove the roller head. Rinse it under tap water. Clean the rest of the device with a moist cloth and when both are clean and dry, you can reassemble them.

Store your Express Pedi with its protective cover on.