For sporty active people: How Sports Insoles Work

There’s a downside to being active or playing a sport – your feet can get worn down and tired! But there’s no need to worry about this – sports insoles are there to help those who play a sport or run every day. They give the feeling of running on air, since the insoles provide feet cushion and support. Their comfortable padding absorbs excess shock and keeps the feet comfortable even under intense activity. But what are they, and how can they help you?

What are insoles?

Insoles are inserts designed to fit into your shoes. They are normally a thin, soft padding in a foot-like shape that rests inside the shoe. There are some good reasons to buy insoles, but they are mostly used to provide foot comfort.

How do Insoles Work?

Many of us spend a lot of time on our feet as walk, stand and run through the day. The strain of these activities can cause tremendous stress on the feet, and by evening, the feet get extremely tired and unable to bear more stress.

The stress levels on the feet are heightened during exercise, since the muscles, tendons and bones in the feet must work harder than at other times. Over time, if not looked after properly, repeated bouts of intense activity can damage the feet in many ways.

Enter sports insoles. They protect the feet when they are engaged in sport by creating a barrier between the feet and the ground. They are created so as provide arch support, so that the feet will not hurt or get stressed when you land awkwardly or come to a sudden stop after running or walking. Corrective insoles can help promote correct foot alignment, too. Their structure provides a comfortable cushion to support all parts of the foot. During exercise, or even in movement, this will reduce the stress feet can be exposed to from quick movements, or sudden turns.             

What are the Benefits of Insoles?

Sports insoles are primarily meant to reduce stress on the feet. They also make it easier for the feet to navigate tough exercise, or reduce pain in the feet and offer better scope for movement. Also, they can be removed from the shoes and washed, so they are also hygienic for the feet. We recommend buying two pairs of insoles and never using one pair on two consecutive days – always let the insole dry out completely before using it. Once you’ve used sports insoles, you will never want to exercise without them ever again!