How Best to Treat Foot Odour

Nobody wants to have a reputation because of their smelly feet. And yet, this reputation is easily formed and hard to shake! Those with smelly feet can have several embarrassing moments when they stay in for a movie night, or go shoe shopping with friends, or even spend a night out bowling. Both you and your companions can be repulsed by the smell of your feet, and it can become really awkward for everybody. If you suffer from this problem, then there’s little reason to worry about it, because there are many ways to manage and treat foot odour.

Foot Odour

Foot odour is medically known as ‘bromodosis’. It happens to more people than you might think. Each human foot has 250,000 sweat glands[1], and this number is higher than the number of sweat glands anywhere in the body. Interestingly, the sweat from the feet is actually odourless[2], but the mix of sweat and the bacteria already present on your skin causes the odour to form and give off a horrible smell. Some people are more prone to foot sweat than others, and the problem is often compounded for those in their teens and pregnant women, due to several hormonal changes[3].

What to do

Prevention is the best way to cure smelly feet. The good news, there are many ways to do so!  

  • Personal hygiene is the first big step – wash and dry your feet thoroughly every day, especially after your shower. This keeps them fresh for longer.
  • Pick the right kind of socks, ideally made or wool or cotton. These materials are absorbent of sweat and they also let the skin breathe better, so moisture does not get trapped around the feet.
  • If you suffer from foot sweats and foot odours, be sure to change your socks daily, if not twice a day. Wearing used socks on two consecutive days reheats the previous day’s sweat and leads to foul odours.
    • Whenever you wash your socks, make sure that you turn them inside out before putting them in the washer. This way, all the dead flakes of skin trapped in the sock fibres get washed off more thoroughly.
  • Just like wearing the right socks is important, it is also crucial to pick the right footwear. If you are prone to foot sweats, stay away from leather shoes or tight shoes that don’t allow the skin to breathe. Opt for breezy canvas shoes, and don’t wear the same pair on two consecutive days. Ideally, you must allow at least 24 hours for the shoes to dry out before you wear them again. If you want them to dry out completely, stuff newspaper balls inside your shoes to soak in excess moisture overnight.
  • Yet another great way to prevent your smelly, sweaty feet from getting in the way of your social life is to apply Scholls Fresh Step Odour Control Shoe Spray. It works just like a skin deodorant does, except that you must spray it on your shoes before and after use. The spray immediately eliminates odour, and keeps your shoes fresh and smell-free for up to 24 hours on application. Besides, it is suitable for all kinds of footwear.

So if you want to kick off your shoes like everyone else, make sure to use the above tips to get rid of smelly feet – and add dollops of confidence!