Insoles and Foot Orthotics

Whether standing or walking, most of us spend well over half of our lives literally ‘on our feet’. Being on the feet is good, because regular activity keeps us fit. But did you know that an average human being, on an average, walks three times around the Earth during their lifespan? That is a tremendous amount of pressure on the feet! This explains why many people, particularly working people with travelling jobs, and those who exercise regularly and are on the move even in their spare time, often suffer from tired or even painful feet. Many people consider this to be a normal condition, but it doesn't have to be.

You may have heard of insoles, or you may even have worn a pair of them – but do you know what they are used for? Insoles can be used for basic foot care and comfort, or for medically-necessary support. They help with foot ailments and even aid posture correction. But mostly they are used to soothe tired feet when they ache or feel worn out, especially against everyday stresses. The lack of sufficient cushioning can lead to your feet feeling tired, so enhanced support can make the feet feel better. There are many kinds of insoles available, so you can learn more about them in this article and experience their benefits for yourself.

The Benefits of Comfortable Insoles

Insoles aren’t only for medical conditions; there are a number of benefits of wearing them in your shoes:

Odour resistant/washable – Depending on the type of insole you buy, you can get the added benefit of odour resistance. Your shoes can get smelly in an environment that is warm and humid; it causes sweat to build up, leading to a foul odour. Deodorized or removable insoles can resolve this problem.

Comfortable Insoles from Scholl

Scholl has now developed a new solution that turns your shoes into your very own comfort zone, taking the burden off your feet. Scholl has developed a special insole with the innovative GelActiv technology. These GelActiv insoles help to make painful feet a thing of the past. The GelActiv Everyday insole is designed for feet exposed to everyday stresses, and for use in daily footwear like sneakers, boots, low shoes or pumps.

GelActiv technology for more shoe comfort

Scholl’s podiatrists have developed the GelActiv technology to include an ergonomically-shaped gel core in the insoles – this provides a significantly improved shock absorbing and cushioning effect. The increased cushioning gives the foot added support. The heel area is particularly stressed during walking, and with the special insole, it is provided with a gel cushion for optimum support. The arch in the midfoot section is supported by a firmer yellow gel cushion, while the ball of foot is protected by a shock-absorbing softer gel layer.

The Different types of insoles - each with their own different time of use:

Sports: Sports insoles support your feet during the active parts of the day. Insoles give you better foot support when you run, and they also reduce the shocks of running on hard surfaces. They’re athlete-tested, and can be used in every athletic footwear.

Work: Work insoles are designed for complete comfort, and superior cushioning especially for people whose jobs make them stand on their feet all day. If you are on your feet all day, you can spread the weight that is normally concentrated on the balls of your feet. These insoles can be worn inside your work boots, trainers or everyday shoes.

Every day: For thin, discreet everyday needs, or for a busy and active lifestyle, insoles can add an extra layer of cushioning. These are designed for flats, casual or work shoes, and provide optimum levels of comfort all day.

Medical Benefits

Foot orthotics can help correct medical issues such as excess pronation. But if you still experience heel pain after wearing insoles, then you should see a doctor or podiatrist. They will be able diagnose, as well as find the cause, for your foot pain.