Keeping your nails beautiful without any effort


If you want to get beautiful looking nails without the hassle of filing them yourself manually, then there are a few things you can do easily and by yourself. Many women would like to have shiny, healthy looking nails all the time, but due to the effort involved, or a lack of time, they often find that they can’t take care of them as they would like. Also, they could want to try out different techniques, or new varnishes, but it’s all a bit of a hassle when there is less time on hand.

Fortunately, there’s now an easy answer to getting nails you’re not only satisfied by, but really love. What’s more, Scholl can help you to achieve WOW nails with the help of an innovative gadget.

The new Velvet Smooth Nail Care System

Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Nail Care System for toe and finger nails can reduce all the fuss when it comes to keeping your nails beautiful without any extra effort. It’s a new electronic nail care system with three heads, one for each stage of the process and offers you an easy way to get naturally and shiny looking nails:

  1. File – The product files your nail into the desired shape.
  2. Buff - To even out and smooth nail surface.
  3. Shine - To create an instant healthy (naturally looking) gloss on the nail.

These can give great, effortless and easy results that take away the chore of having to file your nails.

How to Use

Simply fit the head for the stage that you’re currently on, and then apply as directed. Work your way through all three stages. The device files, buffs, and helps shine your nails automatically and effortlessly. All you need to do is switch it on and hold it against your nail, and it’ll take care of the work for you.

Some Ideas

The Internet easily allows you to find many beauty forums, bloggers and even Twitter accounts to follow to help you learn more about nail care, and how to make them look amazing. From care guides, to amazing nail ideas, there’s so much out there to explore and get lost in. Make care easy, but also, make it fun, with Scholl.