The Most Effective Hard Skin Removal Methods for Gorgeous Feet


Hard skin is no laughing matter; in terms of the state of your feet, hard skin can be an absolute disaster! Not only does hard skin on the feet look really ugly, making you want to hide it away, but it can split and crack and cause discomfort inside your shoes. Fortunately, there are simple ways to remove the hard skin on your feet, so that you can have the gorgeous feet you’ve always wanted to show off. Indeed, your hard skin could be history once you’ve finished reading this article.

Diamonds are forever

We recommend one of the most effective ways to remove rough skin on your feet, and it involves filing it down. Do this with Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals – it is an effective foot file that makes your feet silky soft and gorgeous. The device spins the specially-designed micralumina roller with diamond crystals at a high speed over the skin, so that it gently removes the layers of hard skin and buffs away the roughness. Also, the device’s handle is ergonomically shaped to provide easy holding. You can choose between three different roller heads, each with different levels of coarseness based on the extent of hardness in the skin. Regular coarse: for normal hard skin, Extra Coarse: for very tough hard skin and Soft Touch: for the perfect and smooth finish. By manually filing the skin, you can ensure that your feet will never have hard, dry skin and the feet remain softer for longer.

Without Time

Another great reason to use the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is to get fabulously smooth feet in less time – this is great news for busy women who don’t have the luxury to sit back for a long pedicure session. The roller intensity can be changed to “Extra Coarse” if you have a tough layer of hard dead skin on your feet, and not much time to fuss with it. There are two other settings – ‘Tough’ and ‘Extra gentle’ to be used depending on skin hardness and the overall result you are aiming for. Here’s a tip from Scholl: Try the new Velvet Smooth Pink Pedi which comes with an extra coarse roller head. 

Playing it Safe

Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Express Pedi is a very safe treatment for your feet. The roller head is gentle enough to remove dead skin without damaging the healthy tissue underneath. Other treatments involving sharper tools may be trickier to handle, but the Express Pedi is easy to hold and completely safe to use.