Walking on Clouds: Tips for maximum foot comfort


People who suffer from near constant heel pain are desperate for a remedy that minimises the pain and maximises foot comfort. Many sufferers are resigned to the fact that they have painful heels. They accept the foot fatigue that they experience at the end of each working day as an indelible part of life. But things need not be so – a proper shoe insole can provide adequate cushioning and maximum comfort through the day. A soft step reduces the pain, and you may even end up forgetting that you had any pain in the heel to being with! Now that’s what we call walking on clouds! 

Tip One: Think of Trying Insoles

Scholl’s GelActiv insoles are available in three different varieties: Everyday, Sport and Work, based on the level of activity you are involved in. While insoles can be used by both men and women, the different models cater to different sizes and uses. Here’s a lowdown of the three varieties, and how they help your feet:

  • Everyday – These insoles are all-rounders, and are suitable for casual footwear. They are designed to reduce excessive pressure on the feet, and the softer gel provides cushioning and also acts like a shock absorber. This insole is great for those who feel fatigued at the end of the day or who have a long walk home every day, or those who like long shopping trips without the stress of tired feet.
  • Sport – This insole is specially designed for hard physical activities, from the gym to the park, from hiking to long-distance running, and many more sports. These insoles are designed to work inside trainers, walking shoes, pumps and more. Intense sports put additional strain on the joints such as the knees, ankles and feet. Thus, the gel cushioning minimizes this strain on the feet, steadying the joints and absorbing excess pressure. Its arch support also reduces the likelihood of pronation, or twisting, and gives stable support and reduced stress.
  • Work – These insoles are designed to be worn inside your formal work shoes, though they also lend themselves well to casual wear. They are ideal for those who spend a better part of their day on their feet – think jobs in construction, hospitality, teaching and marketing. The work insoles reduce the stress caused by standing and walking for long periods of time, with the soft gel cushioning protecting the feet even over uneven terrain. Besides, the sole is perforated to keep the feet dry.

These insoles not only provide maximum comfort, but they also provide adequate support for your arches while absorbing excess shock that your feet experience while running or walking. So the end-of-day fatigue that your feet have been experiencing for so long can now be a thing of the past! These insoles also help you take the pressure away from your feet, which also leads us to… 

Tip Two: Consider what you wear

One way to ensure foot comfort is to wear the right shoes. While boots might be too heavy or bulky for you, their thick sole offers a lot of support and cushioning. Though your flat shoes and sandals look much prettier, their thin soles are not designed for foot support at all. They can adversely impact the arches and soles of your feet, so you might need to wear insoles.

It is recommended that you do not wear the same pair of shoes on two consecutive days, so that your shoes may dry out completely before the next use and your skin can also remain comfortable and less prone to infections.