Scholl Foot Care Clear Gel Blister Plaster 6s Large & Small

Provide advanced protection and instant pain relief for blisters.

Product Features

  • For instant pain relief and advanced protection from blisters.
  • Uses the Hydra Gel technology to protect and cushion painful blisters.
  • Helps heal blisters by keeping it hydrated and flexible, minimizing friction and rubbing.
  • Available in Large, Mixed & Toe.

Product Description

BlistersA small bubble on the skin of feet filled with serum and caused by friction, burning, or other damage. New shoes and sports can cause friction which leads to blisters.  Small and painful – blisters are a nightmare for everyone!Scholl Blister Shield PlastersTo avoid infection, blisters should never come into contact with sand or dust. Cover them until they are completely healed, even if they no longer hurt.



Use as instructed.

Keep Away from Children. Use as instructed.

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