Scholl Foot Care Odour Control Insoles

Keeps your shoes fresh and protected from odour.

Product Features

  • Proven with 50% more odour control strength than other leading insoles.
  • Instantly destroys all foot and shoes odour for immediate and long lasting protection.
  • Proven Anti-bacterial & Antifungal Agents destroy odour causing bacteria and absorb perspiration for all day freshness.
  • Continues to work even when footwear is not being worn.

Pack Contents: 1 EA

Product Description

Odour ControlPerspiration is not the only cause of bad odours. Bacteria can lurk on your feet and in your shoes if not properly cared for. Control perspiration with Scholl Fresh Step range to prevent bad smell.Scholl Odour ControlInsoles Odour-Fighting insoles take care of foot and shoe odour for immediate and long-lasting protection. Made with durable foam, it neutralises odours for long lasting freshness, comfort and protection.

Made with durable foam

Machine washable at low temperatures. Dry flat, away from direct heat.

One Size fits all - Cut to Size. For optimum fit and comfort, trim to size following the printed shoe size guidelines on the base of the insole: G = Men, W = Women. Do not cut insole too small. Insert into shoes, with printed side down.

Keep out of reach of Children. Do not ingest. Use as instructed

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